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  • Deep Dungeons of Doom Review

    Deep Dungeons of Doom Review

      Deep Dungeons of Doom is an OUYA exclusive, and it’s kind of like Castlevania, except you don’t have a whip…and can’t move. Deep Dungeons of Doom is a timing based dungeon crawler. You stand opposite your enemy, in a turn based fashion, with no ability to move your character. While it may seem turn based, it is actually in real time. You have only 3 available actions, attack, block, and use item (if you have one). Each enemy has […]

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  • Monocle Man Review

    Monocle Man Review

      Monocle Man has the makings to be a great OUYA game, but can it deliver? Monocle Man is a puzzle platformer created back in 2011 by a group of students  in a 48-hour game jam. It has now been reworked, and released as an OUYA exclusive. Monocle Man puts you in control of a rather square gentleman sporting a monocle.  You are trapped in an hourglass and must traverse each puzzle by jumping. A puzzel is completed when you […]

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  • Bombsquad Review

    Bombsquad Review

    At first glance I suspected Bombsquad would be just another Bomberman knockoff, but boy was I wrong. Previously being a MAC exclusive, Bombsquad has made its way onto the OUYA, a platform I found very fitting for it. Bombsquad puts you head to head against AI or your friends, using bombs and your fists to complete objectives. Bombsquad aims to be a party game, and nails it. The game’s mechanics are simple enough for new players to pick up and enjoy, […]

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  • No Brakes Valet Review

    No Brakes Valet Review

    No Brakes Valet offers fun and simple gameplay, but where do we draw the line at too simple? No Brakes Valet is an OUYA exclusive created by Justin Smith, the man behind Envirobear 2010 and Realistic Sports Simulator. In No Brakes Valet, you play a Valet, a rather reckless valet. You must park as many cars as you can in order to make the most money from tips. Getting cars into the special spots on the side will earn you […]

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  • Amazing Frog Review

    Amazing Frog Review

      Developed by the two man team of Fayju games, Amazing Frog is a sandbox physics game exclusive to the OUYA. After starting up the game and getting past the slash screen, you are instantly placed in control of a bipedal frog in the middle of a town called Swindon. Filled with cannons, trampolines, and much more, your job as the Amazing Frog is to well, hurt yourself. Players get a “Jump Score” for falling and hitting objects, and the […]

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  • OUYA Is Coming!

    I’ve been waiting a long time for this puppy, and I’ll finally get to put my grubby fingers ALL over it in less than 2 weeks!

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