Fast Cash 2 (Garry’s Mod Machinima)

Mike and Jerry get’s some unexpected company on their way to Evocity.

(Thanks YouTube for making the transitions pixels)

After many months of hard work and planning, I wrapped it all up this night.
I’m very happy to present you Fast Cash 2, probably the best movie I’ve ever made so far.
A big thanks to everyone on Steam, Skype and in real life for supporting and helping with things such as sounds, voice acting and ideas.
And thanks to Heavysbagel and Pile_up for chatting with me while I’ve been working.

Voice Actors:
Squareonegames – Jerry
Malcis2401 – Kleiner
PsycoRevolution – Himself
Kitty0706 – Dumb Cop
DasBoSchitt – Himself
Gmodcinematic – Hitmen
Thefuryofblood – Reporter