Below are a handful of products and services I use, and have had very positive experiences with. I recommend them based on experience, not commission rate.

*Disclosure:  Some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through my links to make a purchase.






After years of using GoDaddy, HostGator was a breathe of fresh air. When using their site to make purchases you won’t be bombarded with up-sales and pop-ups. Not only do I like the site better, but their hosting plans offer more bang for your buck. If you go with the Baby web hosting plan, you get unlimited domains on that hosting account. So instead of buying separate hosting for each of your domains you can host them all on one plan.




Samson C01U Studio USB Mic


My philosophy has always been go big or go home. Back when I first started making machinima and needed a microphone to record lines, I decided to go with a high quality usb microphone. I found out this would set me back about $80, but I knew it would be worth it. I strongly recommend finding a high quality mic, instead of messing with bargain bin headsets and mics that will sound horrible. I’ve owned this mic for over 3 years, and its quality has landed me many voice acting opportunities that otherwise would not have existed. I even purchased a second one of these beauties, so I now  have one for home and the office. Amazon


Logitech Z323 Speakers


I ordered these speakers for the office and have been very happy with them. It is difficult to find a quality set of speakers. They are either too expensive, or cheap and low quality. The speakers I have at home were a little cheaper than these, but their quality is quite lacking. I have been much more happy with this set.

Their cords aren’t long enough to set around the room, but are the perfect length for setting on your desk. Another cool feature of the speakers are the RCA connections built into the back. Allowing you to hook your console right into the speakers.


Mixed Media Workstation


This desk sat in my bookmarks tab for many months. Once I leased the office and needed a new desk, I pulled the trigger.

So far I’ve been very satisfied with its performance. It is easy to put together, and looks purty sexy. It was the only desk I could find that had the amount of desk space I wanted at a reasonable price. If you are a designer, or editor of any sorts I would strongly suggest this desk. It’s perfect for someone with multiple monitors and a custom rig that won’t fit inside a consumer computer desk.

You can watch my unboxing of the desk here



gog_slice is like that independent game store down the road, but online. They focus on classic PC games, but they sell lots of current games, like Hotline Miami or Fez. What is so great about GOG is that they sell you a game with no DRM, and throw in a bunch of other goodies, like soundtracks, art, and wallpapers for free. I frequently use them myself to fill my nostalgia cravings, and to try games I missed out on.

A while back I found out about Neverwinter Nights 2, and wanted to play it. It wasn’t sold online anywhere for download, so I had to get on ebay to order an old retail copy from someone’s garage. The day after I ordered I got an email from GOG showcasing that they now were selling Neverwinter Nights 2: Complete Edition. I immediately bought it on GOG and it cost me less than the ebay copy (which wasn’t even the “Complete Edition”), I <3




After using nearly every gaming video capture software I could find, I finally found the holy grail of software…Dxtory. I’ve been using it exclusively since discovering it. And it’s not just me,  many big Youtubers like Sethbling and SeaNanners use it. It gives you control over every element of your capture. Allowing you to have many different audio streams recorded simultaneously in a multi-track format. Allowing me to record game audio, mics, and Teamspeak all at once, and on different tracks with the click of a button. And that’s a beautiful thing.

It costs 3600 yen, so the price fluctuates for most of us. At the moment I am typing this, it is actually cheaper than both Bandicam and Fraps.


Adobe Creative Suite


I’ve been using software from Adobe for years. Except for most of those years I wasn’t paying for it. Early in 2012 I had been saving up money, and decided to take the plunge. I purchased the Adobe Master Collection CS5.5 using the student discount program. The benefit to purchasing at the end of the software cycle is that Adobe gives a free upgrade to customers who bought the old software package before they announced the new one. Because of this I have keys for both CS5.5 and CS6. Two for one, with a student discount. You can’t beat that.

The Adobe suite is packed full of top shelf, professional programs. If you intend on pursuing a career in nearly any tech related art or design field, it is essential that you become familiar with these programs. I’m currently learning to use Premier Pro so I can move away from Vegas Pro. It is much more robust that Vegas, and the connectivity between programs in the Adobe suite is unmatched. The ability to swap assets between Premiere Pro and After Effects is amazing.

If you are not yet in college, I would suggest waiting until then to purchase. The discount you get is quite large. And on the other end, if you are soon to be graduating college (or Uni for you Europeans, and Englishmen)  I would suggest purchasing before you lose your student discount. There are other options as well. They offer a monthly subscription service which may better suite you and your needs.

If you can afford it, I highly suggest it. And if you’re on the pirate ship, I would recommend saving your money until you can finally get this legitly.  Trust me, after years of sailing the seas, if feels good to step foot back on land.