Wrestling Revolution Review

Created by long time independent game developer MDickie, Wrestling Revolution has found its place on the OUYA.


Upon starting the game I was surprised by the game’s depth, offering nearly everything you would find in an officially licensed wrestling game. Exhibition matches, multiplayer, move and appearance customization, and even a career mode. In addition to all these ways to play, Wrestling Revolution totes a huge roster of wrestlers. Since this isn’t a licensed game you won’t find any familiar names, but if you grew up watching the WWE, (WWF back then), you’ll find that the game is stuffed full of look a likes with very familiar sounding names. As I faced each new opponent, there was an extra layer of fun as I figured out who each of them were really supposed to be. And if the roster doesn’t suit you, every wrestler is customizable, name, moves, appearance, every aspect can be tailored to your liking. So if you are like me and you want Billy Mays as your tag team partner, you can do it.


This freedom to customize any wrestler really shines in the Career mode. Upon starting a career you create your wrestler. The customization options (and menus in general) can be cumbersome at times, but they are very detailed. After picking your look, moves, skills, and info you are thrust into the inglorious world of Wrestling School. Unlike every other wrestling game I’ve played, Wrestling Revolution‘s career mode truly is, a career. You must manage your money, decide where to work, and deal with injury. You start wrestling in a gym until you are called up to the big leagues and are offered a contract. A contract which you actually negotiate. You may choose to opt for less money to retain your Creative freedom, as I did. Or perhaps you find a guaranteed paycheck every week worth more to you. There really are no wrong decisions in Wrestling Revolution, just outcomes.

Between each week you are kept informed on the activity of the game’s wrestling world through magazine covers. The game keeps you up to date on injuries, contract signings and tragedies going on in your game world. Another benefit the game gets from being an non-licensed game is its freedom to tackle dark topics. I was completely stunned and even saddened when I read that my rival had been found dead in his home. It was announced that there would be a memorial in his honor, and I would be one of the participants. That memorial was a steel cage fight, in which his casket may have been sitting outside the ring. Wrestling Revolution‘s willingness to tackle the darker side of the sport is a fresh take on the wrestling genre.

Accompanying these occasional dark moments is a constant sense of humor. Whether it be a handgun laying outside the ring, or my manager suggesting I come out of the closet to boost ratings, I found myself laughing on many occasions due to the absurdity of the game.

Several weeks after my manage had his arm nearly paralyzed in the ring, he was set to be the special referee of my upcoming match. As he entered the arena, his crippling injury caused him to fall to the ground in pain, and he was unable to reach the ring before the match started.

There are tons of these unscripted moments which make this game so special. And if you strip away the humor, career mode, and quirkiness, you are still left with a rock solid wrestling game. The wrestling mechanics are complex enough to satisfy avid wrestling fans, but still easily approachable to any newcomer.  The controls are tight,  and you always feel in control of your slightly goofy looking wrestler.

The game started as a mobile game, so some of the assets are bit rough when viewed on a large TV. A couple of the clothing options looked like pixels were vomited onto the screen and not all of the games art feels like it belongs. If you are a stickler for this it may bother you, but it didn’t hinder my enjoyment of the game at all.

The same complaint could be raised again the game’s sound quality, but once again it didn’t bother me while playing, and I found the game’s sound effects very effective. Whether its a kick to the balls or torquing someone’s leg, the sound effects are all satisfying. I’ve was filled with joy every time I heard someone’s arm break in half.


As I said in the beginning the game offers multiplayer, but as with a few features in the game, it’s hard to find. Mulitplayer must be turned on via the options menu, but once turned on a friend (or friends) can join you to play couch coop, or versus, even letting you go as far as to play mulitplayer within the career mode. Letting your friends help or hinder your progress.

Wrestling Revolution may be a little rough around the edges, but when you look past that you find a solid wrestling game that is completely unique and completely customizable. At only $5 to unlock the full game this is a steal, and a must own for the OUYA. Offering endless hours of singleplayer and mulitplayer content, wrestling veterans and newcomers will all find something to love in this game. A 5 out of 5.


This review was based on the Wrestling Revolution available on the OUYA Marketplace as of 9/18/2013